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Cast Aluminum is Forever !

ROCH-W Rochelle
House Plaque-Standard
15. 5"x 9"
3" numbers or 1. 75" letters

Rochelle House Plaque-Grande
17. 5"W x 10.25"H
Up to 4.5" numbers
or 3" numbers with 2" letters

RC02-W Rochelle
House Plaque-Petite
8"x 4.5"
1.5" numbers or letters

These individually sand cast aluminum address markers reflect traditional good taste. Each has deep cast figures and design motifs that are finished in all-weather baked enamel. Available in several sizes to match your need. Estate size for large homes and lawns, standard for homes and petite for apartments and condos.

M1AM-W Arch House
Marker- Mini
10"x 6 3/8"
2" numbers & 1.25" letters

Arch House Marker- Estate
23. 75"x 14"
4.5" numbers & 2" letters

Arch House Marker-Std.
15.75"x 9.25"
3" numbers & 1.25" letters

DGAM-W Retriever
Arch Plaque
15.75"x 9.25"
3" numbers & 1.25" letters

ACAM-W Anchor
Arch Plaque
15.75"x 9.25"
3" numbers & 1.25" letters

DKAM-W Flying Ducks
Arch Plaque
15.75"x 9.25"
3" numbers & 1.25" letters

C l i c k
o n  a n
I m a g e

Aluminum Address Plaque
Color Codes

All Cast Aluminum Plaques are available in Your Choice of 16 Color Combinations !
Light Blue / Gold Letters Black / Gold
Black / White Letters Terra Cotta / Ivory Letters Terra Cotta / Mocha Letters
Dark Blue / Gold Letters Dark Green / Gold Letters Green / White Letters Bronze / Gold
Red / Gold
Red / White
Sage / Ivory
  Taupe / Ivory
Taupe / Mocha
  White / Black
  White / Gold

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