Custom Bronze Plaques

  A Treasury of... C l i c k
o n  a n
I m a g e

Style 8A ~Standard
Zaph Chancery letters
Dark Brown finish
12"W x 6"H

Style 11A ~Saratoga
Cheltenham Condensed letters
Dark Brown finish
13"W x 10"H or 11"W x 8"H

Style 1A~Floral
Rose Round Black letters
Emerald finish
15"W x 10 . 5"H

Style 2A ~Water Lilly (plain) 14"W x 8"H
University Roman letters
Dark Brown finish

Style 4A~Desert Sunset
Old Towne letters
Dark Brown finish
14"W x 8"H

Style 9A~Venetian
Helvetica letters
Dark Brown finish
7'W x 3"H or 8"W x 4"H

Background Textures

Leather Fine Pebble Wood grain


S-1 SP-11

R-7 SP-7

for more styles

The Metalworkers Art


The blending of copper and tin to yield bronze first occurred over 5000 years ago. Bronze is vastly more durable and stronger than either of its component, and can be fashioned in limitless forms. Bronze casting has always had a special allure for the artist, as exemplified by the beautiful and distinctive plaques on these pages.

Custom Bas Relief Sculpture
Custom letters
No. 100 flat band border
Medium Oxidize finish*
Height = 24" Width = 18"


Ensure lasting recognition of your work.
Can be set in concrete walkway or wall.

Builder Plaque

Painted Finishes

Dark Brown Black   Natural (Bronze) Brooke Green

Red Blue Metallic Gray White

Chemical Patinas

Gold Oxide Medium Oxide Dark Oxide
*Add 30 % to price for chemical patina. 

Type Styles

  Style 10A~Newport
Goudy Oldstyle letters
Medium Oxidize finish*

18"x 18", 15"x 10" or 8"x 8"
  Cheltenham letters
Custom Laurel border
Bas Relief Sculpture
Medium Oxidize finish
30"W x 36"H
  Rose Round letters
No. 100 Flat Band border
with Concave
Quarter Round corners
Emerald finish*
22"W x 12"H
  A touch class at the entrance of your community.
  ADA Compliant Sign
Call for information on additional signs.


Border Styles

Flat Band Double Bevel

Mounting Methods

Concealed Rosettes & Wood Screws

Rosettes & Anchors Rosettes & Toggle Bolts


Community Plaques
Use solid bronze letters to ensure
that the entrance of your community
makes a quality first impression.
Ensure lasting
recognition of your work.
Can be set in concrete
walkway or wall.
Custom plaque size and
shape single out your project.
Mount in a brick column
to create an elegant entrance.

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