A Cupola

Create an Adjustable Template

Nail two thin boards together at one end.
  Determine Your Roof Pitch Angle

Lay the boards along each side of the peak of the roof letting them intersect at the peak as shown. Mark pencil lines along the boards where they cross each other or hold the angle firm with a "C" clamp.

  Mark the Cupola Base

Draw a vertical centerline on the two opposite sides or the cupola base. After checking to be sure you have not changed the angle, carefully lay the board on the base. They MUST meet at the lower corners of the base and ALSO meet at the center line where they cross as shown. Draw the cutting line on the base and cut out from each corner to the center line. When both opposite sides have been cut the cupola is ready to install.

For roof pitches steeper than 9" rise per foot, the extension can be site built.

  Prepare The Roof

Decorative Purposes

Cut and remove the portion of your ridge cap that would normally be under the cupola. This allows the cupola to fit more snugly against the roof BETWEEN the two cut ends of the ridge cap.

If your cupola is for decoration only, your roof is ready for the cupola.

For Ventilation

If your cupola is to be used for ventilation - cut an opening in the roof along the peak 6" inches smaller than the width of the cupola.
Shingles and sheathing ONLY, DO NOT cut ridge or rafters

Then cut down from the peak maintaining a 3" inch minimum border inside the cupola base.

Install The Cupola

Set the cupola in place on the roof. Be sure that it is sitting level. Drill holes at least 3" from the corners in both of the uncut sides or the cupola base. Fasten cupola to the roof with #10 or #12 wood screws of sufficient length to penetrate the roof boards. Caulk where the base and the roof meet on the angle sides only. Fill the screws holes and apply one or two coats of a good latex or oil base house paint.

Wood Screws 3" Minimum from Corners

Caulk Base
  Your cupola will now provide you with maintenance free pleasure and efficient year around ventilation for many years to come.



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