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In selecting the right size cupola for your building, a good rule of thumb is one inch of cupola base for every foot of unbroken roof line. The key idea here is the unbroken roof line measurement.

20 feet of unbroken roof line

For example: if a roof section measures 20 feet, the minimum cupola base should be 20 inches.

However, we usually suggest the next size larger. Our experience tells us it provides for a more pleasing appearance. If the cupola is too small, it will look like a bird house. Conversely, if it is too large, it will seem to overpower your home.

A quick and easy way to visualize what is best for you is to position a cardboard box of similar size to the recommended cupola on your roof and then view it from the ground. We suggest a walk around the house and viewing it from various angles.

All of our cupolas are "weathervane ready". They do not require a roof mount or any additional hardware. You will only need a hand saw and screwdriver!
Complete, easy step-by-step instructions are included.


The Franklin

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