Heavy Duty Mailboxes

Talk About Tough Mailboxes !

Try this on any other mailbox! The HeavyBilt mailbox shrugs off the toughest punishment.  
HB1 HeavyBilt Unlike thin sheet metal mailboxes, the HeavyBilt is made of heavy steel plate and stainless steel components. It can take extraordinary abuse that would destroy other mailboxes. Finished with a durable, 3-step polyurethane powder coat in a choice of five colors (see below).

14000 lbs. (Independently measured) of pressure doesn't faze the HeavyBilt. Now that's tough!

Optional steel mailbox post available in black or white.

C l i c k
o n  a n
I m a g e

HB1-S HeavyBilt in stainless steel & optional steel post.
Steel bracket allows mounting on 4 x 4's
Centered on Top Cantilever forward Gang mounted on a T-Post

  Choose the Two Sizes


Large Sizes:



The HB3 or LEX with nearly twice the volume.

HeavyBilt large with
SmartLock and door slot option.
The SmartLock option is available for only the HB3 & LEX mailbox sizes.

These large locking versions have a 6.25" x 1.25" door slot.
The HeavyBilt standard is not available with a door slot.

Optional black steel mailbox post available.

HeavyBilt large with
SmartLock and door slot option.

Three Colors
Black White Dark Green

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