~ Create Your Own Imperial Mailbox ~

The following illustrates the variety of maibox posts, mailboxes, supports
and address plates you can mix and match to create
a custom Imperial mailbox system of your own.

Construct the order number by combining
product numbers as shown below.

*White highlights imperfections in the casting.

C l i c k
o n  a n
I m a g e

~ Choose a Mailbox Post ~

Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 5 Post 6

~ Choose a Mailbox ~



Choose a
Standard Color



Verde Green

*Custom colors are available on orders of 25 or more for an additional cost.


~Choose Mailbox Accessories~

Personalize Your Mailbox!
FAX a Logo: 916-635-0228

Check out our:
|||| Custom plaques ||||


~New Communities~

See our on-line selection of Imperial Twin maillboxes

All Imperial system mailboxes are available in twin installations, providing a neighborly touch. Call for additional drawings of the imperial system you desire.


Direct In-Ground
A heavy-duty underground aluminum extention provides every Imperial and Imperial Classic post with a footing that
will not rust or rot.

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All Imperial mailboxes are approved by the Postmaster General.
DEVELOPMENTS ONLY:   Flag system shown should be approved by the local postmaster.