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Trailside Locking Mailboxes
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Locking Mailbox

This high security locking mailbox features a fully recessed door, hook latch locking system, hinged flap and holds up to 10 days of mail. Also appropriate for column / masonry installation.

Height= 14"
Width= 10 3/4" Depth= 23"

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Trailside Locking Mailbox

Letter Locker Mailboxes

    Like all locking mailboxes, the standard
Letter Locker
can be installed in a column. Available in white, beige, black or postal gray. Incidentally, the lovely Rochelle House number plaque in this photo can be found here.

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Letter Locker Mailboxes

The Courtyard - Solid Brass Locking Mailbox

    The SI-176L features a locked mail storage area and an incoming mail slot (10" x 1 7/8").

The SI-176L is available in Bronze (PAP) and Verede Green (AP) finishes.

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Column Mounted Mailboxes

The Westchester


Locking option
for the
and the Balboa

The HeavyBilt
SmartLock Option

HeavyBilt large with
SmartLock and door slot option.


Wall Mounted Locking Mailboxes


C l i c k
o n  t h e
I m a g e s

The Avenue

Large locking steel mailboxes

Of heavy, zinc plated steel in black, white, gray, or forest green.

Slot : Height =1 3/8" Width =10 5/8"

The Prisma

Extra large locking mailboxes of heavy, zinc plated steel. Available in gray, white or green powder coating.

Width = 16 1/4"
Height = 15"
Depth = 7 1/2"
Slot = 13 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Large locking ranch
style in smooth antique brass

Width =14 1/2" Height = 8"
Depth = 3 1/2"
Locking upright in
smooth Polished brass

Width = 8 1/2" Height = 12"
Depth = 3 1/2"
Extra large steel
locking mailbox in powder coated black

Width = 14 1/2" Height = 12"
Depth = 4 "

Simple lines and security too! These traditional styled mailboxes are constructed of heavy gauge brass or steel and are locking or non-locking. Choose from several finishes such as smooth polished brass, smooth antique brass, glossy black or white. Paints are electro-powder coated and lacquered brass.

Classic Wall Mount


The locking, residential door delivery version from the Classic Collection. Powder coated cast aluminum mailbox with a solid brass door. Available in bronze, white, green, black, charcoal or almond.

Color examples are here

Height =18 1/4"
Width = 15"
Depth = 10"

Mailbox is not shipped with pre-drilled wall mounting holes, drilling required.

We bring you the tasteful & timeless 1-800-265-0041
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Pedestal Style Locking Mailboxes

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Classic Looks, Modern Security.

CF-S Classic Faceplate


Verde brass accents
Of cast aluminum with polished brass accents and aluminum box is easily inset into a column, pilaster or wall.
See color options
High Security Panel
restricts unwanted access

Locking Mail Mansion Mailboxes

Locking faceplate
Plate is:
Width = 11 3/8"
Height = 13 1/2"
Container is:
Width = 9 1/2"
Height = 11 3/8"
Depth = 15 1/4"
Cast aluminum with solid brass mail slot. Baked on powder coating in white, black or verde green.
N-143 Ornate / non- locking
L-144 Plain / locking

Non-Locking faceplate
Plate is:
Width = 11 1/4"
Height = 11 1/4"
Container is: Width =8 3/4"
Height =8 3/4" Depth = 15"


Non-locking scroll face plate in black.

Non-locking plain face plate in white

Beautiful Built-ins

The Parthenon Locking Postal Box
#610 Polished Brass
(shown above)
Polished Aluminum
(silver in color)

Characterized by simplicity and a time-honored design and is finished in hand polished brass or aluminum with locking access. The outside face is 14 1/4" x 14 3/8" with 10" of storage depth. Slot opening is 9 3/8" x 2 1/8". Clear powder coated for long life.

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