Pedestal Style Mailboxes

  The Classic Collection  
  Crafted of Sixteen Separate Castings...
and Hand Assembled!
The Federal Eagle design is timeless and patented. The lockable, polished brass door contrasts dramatically with a cast aluminum box in a choice of six electrostatically powder coated colors.
Each box & post requires
2 pounds of paint!
This truly substantial mailbox adds prestige to any home.

Mount on a pilaster for a look of tradition and permanence.
        ||||| Select the Classic ||| | | |

Verde on Antique White
C l i c k
o n  a n
I m a g e

  The Classic Double:

The neighborly thing to do.
Choose the unique Classic twin
and endow both homes with lifelong distinction.


A rich patina of verde green against the elegance of antique white gives this box the look of age and graciousness.

High Security Panel restricts an unwanted hand from entering the box. Available on all Classics.
                         Quality by Design          

...or Choose from
Six Other Colors with Brass Accents


Regardless of your home's siding and trim colors, there's a Classic mailbox to add just the right complementary touch. Available in bronze, white, green, black, charcoal (with brass accents), antique white with verde green accents, or almond & brass (not shown).

A half inch high
plastic egg crate is provided
with all Classic mailboxes
to keep your mail high and dry.

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