Porcelain Plaques

     Traditional Porcelain by ~Heritage ~

#BHO Heritage Ornate
Black frame
9. 75"W x 16. 5"H

#BHO Heritage Ornate
Bronze frame 2 number
16. 5"W x 9. 75"H
These oval plaques are reproductions of antique signs found in Europe. Each number is applied by hand, then fired to fuse the porcelain enamel to the steel backplate. Frames of powder coated die cast aluminum will resist corrosion and fading for decades.

#BHO Heritage Ornate
Verde frame 16. 5"W x 9. 75"H

#BHO Heritage Ornate
Bronze frame 3 number
16. 5"W x 9. 75"H

  #BOL Olympian Frame
Verde frame
9. 75"W x 15"H

  #BOL Olympian Frame
Bronze frame
15"W x 9. 75"H

#BPA Front Light
For any Heritage Series plaque.

BM Manor Sign

17 3/8"W x 14. 5"H
Custom Logos available
BM Manor Sign
17 3/8"W x 14. 5"H

Great for historical markers and business signage

BHP Heritage

Plain Oval
9. 75"W x 11. 25"H
Vertical format

BHP Heritage

Plain Oval
9. 75"H x 11. 25"W
Horizontal format

C l i c k
o n  a n
I m a g e

The Baestone Series

#BBL Baestone Horizontal
18"W x 7. 5"H

#BBL Baestone Vertical
7. 5"W x 18"H

Ideal for both business and residential applications. Signs are held in place with die cast aluminum end caps and may be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Porcelain plates are 6" wide by 7", 10", 13" or 16" long. Custom lengths to 39".

#BBS Baestone Horizontal
10"W x 7. 5"H

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Porcelain Plaque Color Choices

Background Colors
  Black White Green Cream  

Text Colors
  Black White Green  

Frame or End Cap Colors
  Black White Verde Bronze  

Porcelain Plaques

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