Vertical Mailboxes

USPS Apartment Mailboxes

    1250 Series


The 1250 Series is designed for use in small multi-family apartment buildings. They are constructed of durable, heavy-gauge extruded aluminum. A full mounting steel frame ensures complete enclosure of mail compartments. The doors and trim are striated to resist scratching. Finished in anodized aluminum and anodized gold (not a color match guarantee). Choose 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 boxes per unit or add units to meet your needs.

All boxes are:  Height = 19 1/8"    Depth = 7. 25"
Compartment size: 5" x 16. 5 Depth = 7. 25"
Door Size: 5. 5" x 16"

C l i c k
o n  t h e
I m a g e s

Select a Multiple

19" wide 24 . 5 " wide 30 1/8" wide

35 1/8" wide 41 1/8" wide
Select a Color


For outgoing mail collection
specify a double wide slotted door.

Compartment size:
Height = 16 . 5" Width = 5" Depth = 6"
Door Size:
Height = 16" Width = 5 . 5"
Postal regulations may require a name directory for mailboxes with 15 or more mail receptacles.

Collection Boxes


Mail Collection Box
Designed for secured outgoing mail.
Ready for post office lock.
recessed, semi-recessed, or surface mount.

Height = 23 5/8"
Width = 15 3/16"
Depth = 7"

Letter Slot: 11"W x 1. 25"H

Also available in non-approved smaller size for private service:
#120SMP (surface mount only) 15 1/16"W x 19 1/8"H.

Book Depository

   Designed for libraries, utilities, and business mail drop off.

1/4" thick extruded aluminum construction.
Finished in anodized aluminum, anodized gold or powder coat duranodic (bronze).
Engraved with "Book Depository" or to your specification.

Hopper door is:
Width = 15"
Height = 8"

Frame is:
Width = 19"
Height = 14"

Easy to follow instructions included with all wall installations.

Spring Hinged Letter Drops


Clear anodized (silver)

  LD-12 Can be installed in any wall or door. Spring hinged push door is 11. 75"x 4" with "U.S. MAIL" engraved or blank. Crafted of aluminum with 8" galvanized steel wall liner. 14 1/8" x 6 5/16" x 3/8"

Gold anodized
Duranodic (bronze)

Letter Drop/Collection Box Combination

with angled wall liner chute

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